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Rin: Kumori23
Len: Love4Hetalia

Len was silently walking home, he got to the door and almost opened it.
Before Len could open the door, Rin quickly ran out, not even noticing him there. Len looked through the door, quite shocked. He saw Miku standing there and Meiko at the side.
Len looked at Meiko and Meiko said to Miku, "Miku...."
Miku turn away slightly. Meiko looked at Len.

"You should go after Rin.."

Miku turned away fully and walked towards the stairs, looking back a little and putting her hand toward her heart. Len pointed to himself and sighed, looking down. He shut the door and headed towards Rin's direction. He got out of the yard onto the street, where a bike rider passed by. He kept looking around for Rin. Once he spotted her, she was on a tall wall on the beach. He sat down on the steps a couple yards away from her, and watched her do whatever she was doing.

Rin sighed and walked across the edge of a wall, she almost tripped, but quickly picked herself up. She didn't know what she was doing, but she liked it here. The sea was so calming. She turned and stared at the waves before sitting down on the steps, in deep thought. Tears began to fall from her eyes, she only noticed as they started to fall on her hands. Quickly, she wiped them away.

Len stood up, walking to a vending machine and getting two drinks. He got to where Rin was and held the can to the side of her face.

Noticing the can, she looked up. "Len..?" she didn't know he was here. Nonetheless, she took the can, "Thank you.."

He nodded and stood up, drinking his drink.


They walked home and Len had his hands on the back of his head, occasionally looking back, at Rin.   
Rin stared at him from time to time, not really knowing what to say. She looked away,"....Why did you come for me anyway--Don't you like Miku?"

"No." Len replied, bluntly.

" spend so much time with her..." she rubbed her arm; she felt like she was making him feel guilty, but it didn't seem to bother Len.

"I don't like her, I like someone else." Len continued to walk.

Her eyes widened, "O-oh...then, who is it?" she wasn't too sure he would tell her, even if she asked.


"W-what?" to say she was surprised would be an understatement.

"I like you--Couldn't you tell from before?" Len kept walking.

"Before..?" She noticed she had stopped walking and quickly ran after him.

Len smiled, "Think about before. Remember the memories."

Rin stopped as she began to think about it. They did everything together; many things, how did she forget? Smiling, she ran after him once more and held his hand. Len chuckled, "Daisuki, Rin-chan.."
She looked up at him and nodded,"Daisuki mo.."

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